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November 14, 2012
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2P! Canada x Male! Reader


You sighed as your mother helped you into bed, you had been out running with out watching where you where going, you tripped and landed badly on your leg, now there had been a hole in it and you had to stay in bed and have crutches.
"Well then ___, time for you to take those pills the doctor gave you for the bacteria defense, don't want to get that thing infected do we?"
"oh its okay sweetie, i will make sure you will not miss much from school, until you get better you will be home schooled"
"why dose that sound bad in my ears?" your mother giggled and ran her fingers through your (color) hair.
"now ___, don't bend the knee at all okay, don't want to destroy the stitches you got all 14 of them"
"yes mom"
"good ill get the pill and some food to take before it so your stomach wont hurt"
"okay mom" she then went out and you sighed, you had a feeling you where going to be bored like hell.


And you where right, you where right now just watching a movie but oh god where you bored. You had seen this movie before! Now you where just laying in bed basically staring at the celling, then you heard the clock cling at midnight, just as that happened your mom walked in holding a drink and that pill. You never where a huge fan of pills.
"here you go sweetie, drink up and then it would be best if you go to sleep"
"okay then mom" you took your pill and then she helped you get tucked in before she kissed your forehead and left the room.


When you woke up it was 10 and like called came a huge pain in your leg, it felt as if hell was on it and they where trying to burn your leg.
"FUUUCCKKK!" and there came your mother with more pills, god you hoped that you would not die because of all the pills.
"there you go sweetie, and i know it hurts you just aren't numb anymore"
"you think..." she then handed you the pills along with some breed to eat before so you would not get a stomach ace.
"thank you mom"
"your welcome sweetie" she then kissed you on the forehead
"oh and while i remember, your boyfriend came here to see if you where going to school, i told him that you landed in an accident and that you are not going to school for a while, also he said he was going to come here after school" your cheeks got dusted in light pink over the whole 'boyfriend' thing, sure your mom knew that you where gay but it was still a little new so you where still getting used to it.
"okay then, but school is over at 12:30 right?"
"yes it is, and when he comes here I'm going to ask him if he can take care of you while i go to the store and get your medicine" you smiled a little and your mother walked out of the room as you relaxed as much as you could while you had that little mini hell on your leg. Your mother had turned on 'Jurassic park' for you to watch. But now the only thing to do was wait.


You must have fallen asleep because when you woke up you could hear your mother talking to someone down stairs. Looking at the clock you saw that school was over but that meant that...
"___! I heard from your mom what happened, what the hell where you doing and-, d-do you have to have crutches? TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!"
"okay, just calm down Matt"
"...fine" Matt took a deep breath and sat down on the chair that was by your side.
"___, will you please tell me what happened and all the wounds you have so i know?"
"okay then just don't freak out"
"okay then" you took a deep breath before you opened your mouth to talk
"i fell badly and got 2 little wounds on my palm along with another small wound on my knee but then on the other leg i got a deep hole in it where i had to get 14 stitches and wrappings so now i am on crutches since i cant move my leg" you looked at your boyfriend and you had to hold in a little laughter, his face was priceless. His mouth was a little open, the sunglasses had slipped a little to the bridge of his nose and his eyes a little wide.
"you got a hole in your leg?"
"thats it i wont let you move at all when you get better AND I'm going to help your mom take care of you and there is nothing you can do about it, eh"
"well i guess i have nothing against it..."
"good" Matt then leaned down and captured your lips with his own.
"i love you ___, you had me worried sick about you"
"i love you too Matt"
So yeah this is something i did because well all the wounds Reader has i have so yeah i just did this.

hope you guys like it~!
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Rosede2004 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
The male version of my name is Allan (2p!Americas name ) so yeah.
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I may be the only actual boy that's read this from the comments I've seen so far. O-O
great story btw :3
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Hehe xD
Well thank you, glad you like it~
TheDarkGenius Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Me: Damien (male me) you're stupid I thought you could at least stand up! No, I disagree! 
Damien: :unimpressed: I can
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Damien: At least I can keep a poker face!
Me: Crying Death the Kid Emote
Damien: Please don't cry! Matt help me!:help:
Matt: No you deal with itNinja... slip away... with hot dog.
Me: NOOOO MAH FOOOOODD!!!!!!!!!!Sniff
Damien: Oh come on then let's go :| (Blank Stare)
Me: OKAY!Meow :3
Damien:Sweating a little... 
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When reading hetalia reader inserts I need to change my male name to Mikey. Because my name is Maddie. The male version of my name is Mattie. Mattie is short for Mathew. Need I continue?
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