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September 7, 2012
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Akatsuki x Reader :: Itachi ending ::


"…Itachi" Konan chuckled a bit at your blushing face while you glared at her.
"whats so funny about that i like Itachi?"
"oh just that i kinda figured" you just looked at her with a poker face
"then why did you ask?"
"just to make sure i was right" You stared at her with a blank face while she was thinking. some time past until Konan fist pumped the air with a grin on her face.
"I got it!"
"got what?" you tilted your head in curiosity.
"How to get Itachi's attention onto you~"
"W-what?!" your face went crimson or more like tomato...
"yeah i want to help my best friend and only friend that is a girl" Konan smiled at you as you smiled over the comment, after all it was true.
"so whats your plan Konan?"
"this…" you could not say anything since she dragged you up to get started on whatever she was planing.


"Konan are you sure that this will work?"
"positive" she said as she was finishing on your hair.
"and put this one here and…done" she stepped back and admired her work, you could tell since of the look she was making.
"perfect!" You looked at your self in the mirror to see the outcome. You where wearing a blue knitted sweater that fell of your shoulder a bit, black short, shorts with bandages around your legs and your sandals on. You hair was tied in a pony tail that let some hairs out of it thou. Well you had to say, she did do quiet a nice job on it. It looked so cozy, she had then put a little mascara on you and that was it.
"Konan i have to say, you did a pretty great job on it" you smiled as you looked at your friend who was smiling also.
"well i had a great model for the job" you both smiled even wider.
"well whats the next step in your plan?"
"this" she said nothing more but pushed you out of the door and straight at Itachi who had been walking past the door.
"oh hey Itachi…"
"hello ___…"
"umm sorry for bumping into you, Konan pushed me and huh yeah…"
"its okay, let me guess…she dressed you like this?"
"uhh yeah…"
"hmm it looks good on you"
"thank you Itachi"
"no problem ___" Itachi then was about to just walk away but Konan had grown tired of the lack of him caring so she walked up to the both of you and slammed your heads together, you know so the lips where touching. You blushed in crimson and Itachi did the same as well. both of you broke the kiss and looked at Konan who backed away until she was out of the hallway, or at least out of view.
"W-well that was unexpected"
"not when your her best friend…"
"so um ___…"
"would you like to…hang out sometime maybe?"
"like a date?"
"if you want to…"
"i would love to~" you then kissed him on the cheek and smiled as he blushed in pale pink.
sorry if it sucked ;;W;;

anyways here are the links...

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]

now to get my ass going with the others and finish them and to do maybe one shots with them or something...I have to get back into Naruto...
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Glad you liked it
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