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September 7, 2012
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Akatsuki x reader :: Tobi ending ::


"…Tobi" Konan just stared before a giant grin got plastered on her face
"soooo~ you like the little 'good boy' Tobi huh ___" you blushed in a scarlet red color at the thought of the cute childish boy.
"did i just not tell you?"
"yeah you did…"
"so yeah i like him…"
"hmmm i think i know a way to get his attention~"
"huh, how??"
"welllll~ we give you a little make over~"
"oh dear god why?"
"come on"
you should have just said no one…


When Konan had finished her make over on you had your hair straight and a little (f/c) pin in it and you where wearing a light (pick a color) tight, long sleeved t-shirt with a more baggy t-shirt on that was (pick a color) and had a puppy that had (color) fur with a (color) spot on his eye. You had short shorts on that where (color) and (color) sneakers.
"Konan where is the point in this?"
"to make you look cute, you know Tobi loves cute things"
you sighed "fine…"
Konan just giggled "now go"
she then pushed you out but you hit Hidan…and you fell on you ass.
you just looked down on the floor before standing up and punching Hidan right in the face.
with out you knowing Tobi was standing there watching as you had punched Hidan straight in the face. Man he had always loved that about you, you where a strong and a pretty lady. You saw Tobi standing there and blushed a bit walking over to him.
"hey Tobi"
"Hello ___-chan"
you looked a bit to the side on the floor, it was suddenly so interesting…
"umm ___-chan"
"Tobi was wondering, why is ___ dressed like that…not that Tobi dose not mind its just that Tobi dose not see you dressed like this often…"
"oh it was Konan she wanted to dress me like this so i let her"
"…oh…Tobi understands now…" OH GOD! when he spoke like that, it just made you want to tackle glomp hug him right on the spot. he was just way to cute!!
"umm ___, Tobi thinks you are very cute like that…" then he magically got blush on his mask, weird right but still he called you cute, you felt like fainting.
"W-well thank you Tobi" you smiled sweetly at him making him blush even more and poke his fingers together (like Hinata dose), DEAR GOD WHY DOSE HE HAVE TO BE SO CUTE?!
"_-___…would you minded if i….if i--ummm…"
"if you?"
"K-kissed you…" he looked down at the floor as you took a step forward
"i would not mind at all Tobi"
now again he blushed hard…you saw him take his mask of, yes you heard me he took it off, okay now the sight you where seeing right now was this. imagine a cute little fluffy puppy dog that was turned human and beat up badly like with a hockey stick or something, you had to use all your strength now to 'awww' or tackle glomp hug him right at the spot. Tobi blushed hard and looked at the floor for a moment before looking back at you and coming closer a bit.
"umm are you sure that Tobi can kiss you ___?"
"yes I'm sure Tobi" you said and smiled. Tobi took a deep breath and then came closer to you and you leaned in as well until your lips met each other, his hands found a way around your waist and yours into his hair. You felt his tongue stroke your bottom lip asking to be let in like a little puppy, inside you 'aww'ed over it, you opened your mouth for him and he explored your mouth until he just let his tongue stroke yours. the kiss then ended and you grabbed his hand nuzzling into his neck as he griped on your hand as well smiling.
"Tobi Loves you ___"
"___ Loves Tobi as well" you said and giggled.
Hidan had stood up and seen that with wide eyes and was about to say something but Konan came and hit him in the head with a frying pan before he could say anything and dragged him away.
sorry but i forgot about posting this story ;;W;;
oh and also sorry for the place i put it, they dont have other in it and this is a bit of mix of humor and romance...

anyways lets get the linking here

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]

The others are listed in the description in chapter 3 :aww:
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Konan used frying pan!

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