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Met Online
[ Jeff the killer x reader ]


You walked into your room frustrated, another school day was over thank god. You let your (h/c) hair out of its ponytail and put your bag down on the floor as you walked over to your drawer and pulled out some comfortable (color) sweats and a (color) baggy t-shirt.
"thats better" you let yourself fall on your bed and closed your eyes. Just as you where about to fall into sleep your computer started to beep telling you that you had a message on MSN. It was your friend Jeff, you knew it even before you opened to look. You smiled as you looked at your computer and started to read the message before you replied.
~in the MSN~
InsaneJeff: How was school?
(MSN name): it was so boring, how do you always know when I'm done in school?
InsaneJeff: You told me silly~
(MSN name): oh yeah i forgot…
InsaneJeff: so whats been up in news for you?
(MSN name): nothing really, was in school almost dyeing of boredom
InsaneJeff: noo don't die on me (name)!!
(MSN name): don't worry i am not going to die so soon
InsaneJeff: thats good
(MSN name): well anyways, how was your day?
InsaneJeff: oh you know same old stuff, Jack pissing me of and all that.
(MSN name): hey Jeff, why can't we meet someday outside, or at least talk with webcam?
InsaneJeff: …umm well I am not really allowed to see you yet, but one day we could meet, but i don't have a webcam…
(MSN name): well you can at least see me, then if we will ever see each other you will know its me ^_^
InsaneJeff: okay then C:
You giggle as you stood up and put your computer on the table to be able to talk to him better. You then called him, it rang a couple of times until it was picked up and you could see that he had no webcam at all. But he could see you and you where happy for that. You then started to type to him again as did he type to you.
~in the MSN again~
InsaneJeff: wow, i knew you where pretty but i had no idea you where this pretty
(MSN name): awwww~ thank you Jeff
InsaneJeff: your welcome (name), but i have to go, Ill talk to you later ;)
(MSN name): ohh okay :(   Well we will talk again later then.
InsaneJeff: yeah talk to you later ;)
InsaneJeff has logged off.
You sighed, well Jeff was kinda your only friend if you did not count (friend name). But lately (friend name) could not hang out with you as much since (she/he) had a lot of work to do also school. You did not have any homework nor did you have to work today so you just opened sims 3 and played it a bit until dinner when you would then order pizza and watch a movie, maybe fall asleep in the sofa since you did not have work or school tomorrow. Man what a life this was.
~With Jeff~
I walked down the stairs in Slender's house, I was going to ask him if i could go and see my friend, i hope he would not ask if she was human. Then i would be in big and then i mean BIG trouble. I was quick down the stairs and in the living room i saw Slender, Splender, Jack, Masky, Hoody, Smile cat and dog. I walked over to Slender and poked him in the shoulder.
"Slender man I need to ask you something" he turned his head to face me and stood up, we walked over to the kitchen so the other would not hear us talking.
"all right, what is it Jeff?"
"i huh, I was wondering if i could go out to meet a friend?"
"who is this friend?"
"Her name is (name) and she is really nice, so can i?" I could feel Slender's eyes burn holes into my head, that is if he had eyes.
"won't she scream when she sees you?"
"Im not sure, but if she dose i guess i will have to deal with it just like the other times…" Slender sighed and rubbed his forehead.
"fine, I guess i can't stop you, like last time… go and meet your friend"
"who's that friend?" I looked and i saw Jack standing there in the doorway.
"none of your business Jack" I said as i glared at him and walked past him going out of the house, but just before i left i shouted 'Going out, don't wait up for me!'.
~Reader P.O.V~
You sat in your sofa watching a movie as you ate pizza, you also had popcorn, candy and soda. You where watching just some disney movies for fun. You put the pizza on the table along with the candy and soda. You then laid down in the sofa and started to feel your eyelids close until there was just black.
~time skip brought to you by an awesome writer~
You must have fallen asleep, because when you came to you did not hear the movie anymore. 'Tv must have went to sleep or something' You opened your eyes to see someone in the room with you just sitting there looking at you, you sat up screamed. I mean who can blame you, there was a person in your house and you had been sure that you locked the door. The person shot up and put his hand over your mouth and 'shus'-ed you. You got a good look on the person and tilted you head a bit to the side. This person had black hair, kinda white skin along with really red lips, they where also cut in a smile, reminded you of joker and it looked like his eyelids had been burned away. wow, now thats cool, but still got to have hurt. He took his hand of your mouth and was about to say something but you cut him of.
"who are you? and might i ask how you got in here?"
"your not scared?"
"no, now answer my questions"
"it was kinda easy to get in, the door was unlocked"
"oh, i thought i locked it…"
"don't worry (name) I locked it"
"how do you know my name, and your questions are back to 2"
"ughh Im Jeff, the one you have been talking online for months, almost a year now"
"yeah what is i-" You did not even allow him to finish because you tackled him into a hug.
"I CANT BELIEVE THAT THIS IS YOU!! but duuudddeee~ don't scare me like that, I thought that a random person just came into my house"
"sorry about that" he that hugged you back smiling even wider, that is if that was possible. You then pulled away and stroked his cheek making a light pink color come on them, but you thought nothing of it. His skin was kinda leather like.
"your skin, its kinda leather like to touch"
"oh sorry about that"
"why are you saying sorry about that? its cool"
"thanks" more darker pink came on his cheeks as you both started to talk about random things. It was really fun to actually talk to him with your mouth. Then you had an idea.
"hey Jeff do you want to sleepover?"
"uhh..sure thing (name)" you could see his cheeks turn pale pink. You had to say that he was cute.
~another time skip to where you are both going to sleep~
"hey (name)"
"yeah? what is it Jeff"
"…I love you" you looked at him where he was sitting there with his cheeks blushing crimson. You smiled and leaned giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"I love you as well Jeff"
~now more of the ending~
You and Jeff, lived very happy together, sure you had your up's and down's but you got trough.
You both are now living very happy in a house more in the woods and you have two very beautiful children.

When i looked for a Jeff the killer x reader ON GOOGLE i found just one story so i made my own.
I kinda just barfed this shit up and it was only planed for a day but hey i did it.

Jeff the killer belongs to creepy pasta :iconjeffthekillerplz:

You belong to Jeff :iconjeffthekillerlaplz:

Story belongs to me :iconimdarkplz: so dont steal
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lovemermaid20 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
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2 time i read this story and i still find it amazing!!! ^^
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Killerer2708 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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It wasn't that amazing shure it was cute but it ended to quickly.It staryed off realy good and went down hill.
Killerer2708 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It was after all something I thought off only for honestly a few hours before writing it, of course it wont be perfect.
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AvatarMell101 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I was like "How cute ~" and i saw that jeffthekillerplz " OH GAWD NO. HOW WILL MY KIDS SURVIVE TO DAT?"
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Eriejaeger2015 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Me and Jeff get along fine (CREEPY PASTA HERE XD JK or not) and I want to know what our kids look like well me and Jeff look alike
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omg I love this man!!!! are my new best friend! :D
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